How to connect switches to VMB6IN


I’m new bie to the velbus and so I have some doubts about VMB6IN that I could not get answers in the forum. Actualy, I have three questions:

  1. Can I connect 220VAc to each input?

  2. If I have, let’s say… 3 open colector outputs, how can I connect them to the vmb6in? … can I connect the common to the (-) terminal?

  3. If I use switches (not push buttons), connected to the inputs, and I close on of them will the velbus report changes in the other switches?

Thank you in advanced,

I currently have the VMB6IN hooked onto my alarm system. When motion is detected approaching the staircase the staircase lights automatically turn on as the input on the VMB6IN triggers a relay on the VMB4PD. Also when the alarm is activated certain lights are also switched on in the same manner as previous point.
The VMB6IN should be used for contact closures to trigger other components as setup with the software supplied. For your questions:

  1. No
  2. When common and one of the other outputs are connected, they can trigger action on another component, ie switch
  3. Yes, as configured with software

Hope this helps