How to controll your radiator with velbus?

At this moment I am only using Velbus for switching lights (A light sensor should be a great addition.)

I am think on changing my central heating to let Velbus (VMB1TS and VMB1TC) control the temperature in my house.
Measuring the temperature is not an issue with those devices.
But now: How can I open and close the radiators in the rooms with a VMB4RY? So, Where can I buy flow-switches for the radiator?

Does somebody have some experience?



not sure about what you need but maybe, my answer will help you a little.

First : VMB1TC send messages that could be received by VMB4RY.
Second : VMB4RY could be used for interrupt “pilote-link” (en français, fil-pilot), the black wire to radiator. Like this, Velbus is able to control ECO/CONFORT mode.
Third : if no “fil-pilote” then VMB4RY must be used to control bi-polar relay (20A) like scheme give by Velbus. In this case, relay will start and stop electric radiator.
Fourth : if you are using central boiler, the is an entry for thermostat. Just connect VMB4RY on this entry, Velbus is now able to control your boiler.

Hope to help you.