How to dim or switch off a light with a given delay?

Here’s a scenario I want to realize using a Velbus dimmer or relay module:

When leaving the house I want to press one button on a button module (WMB8PB).
This should:

  • switch off all dimmers (VMB1DM) and relays(VMB4RY): no prob here.
  • however one relay (or dimmer, if that should be easier) must be switched on* (if not yet on) and then go out after x minutes. (Or fade out slowly if this would be easier).

Is this possible and how?

(*) If it’s easier to not first switch it on, this step can be skipped …

Tx a lot!


when you assign a “all off”-button on a vmb8pb trough velbuslink then you can add a action to it, that switch on the dimmer or relay. select action n° 4 ( action determed by rotary switch on module) and set time rotary switch to the inverval that you want.

hope it will help you


Good thinking, Stis!

But I’m afraid I forgot to tell one important extra:
The dimmer or relay that should go on for x minutes must be controlled in a default on/off mode by several other initiators (like VB4PD and VMB8PD).

Explained by example:
I have a light above the table, connected to a VMB1DM in mode 3 (=dimmer with memory function). It is controlled by a VB4PD and VMB8PD, and all actions are set to “execute action set by hardware”.

Now, for the “Put all off” button, I want this table light to act as described in the top of this thread. I’m afraid this will not be possible, right? :-s


maybe i got a solution for you. the vmbdmi can be assign seperated actions to seperated buttons. functoin 21 will do the job i think. The only thing is that you have to buy the new dimmermodule vmbdmi or vmbdme. Can velman confirm this?




seems that only the vmbdmi has function 21. If you have velbuslink 8 then you add the vmbdmi module to your project. When you asign the actions you can see what choice of action is possible.

I don’t seem to find the problem, I’m using this exact scenario for years now.
You can make a button press activate or deactivate anything you want, so I have a button at the front door which turns everything off including the heating and turns on the hall lights for the set time (use the timer in the VMB4RY).
Am I missing something in your question?

@Stis: You probably are right that only the newer dimmers vmbdmi will do, but I don’t want to replace my VMB1DM module. So I had a look at Cantryn’s reply:

@Cantryn: I tested your solution with my VMB4RY, and indeed: it does work! I never tried this before, because the same method is not working with VMB1DM dimmer modules (as tested before). So I thought it would also not work with the relay module.
I thought that setting the relay timer1 to eg. 5 secs would always switch off the dimmer after 5 secs, no matter what actions is sent to it. But apparently if I send a Toggle action from a VMB4PD then that seems not to start the timer, which is the behaviour I want. The “all off” switch however, now sends the action “Start timer 1”, resulting in an auto-switch-off after the requested delay: exactly what I wanted!

Thanks a lot to both for your help!


Thanks to Stis and Cantryn for their input