How to read counters values with Velbuslink on VMB7IN?

Hi Velbus team !

I still have questions, even after years and years of use :slight_smile:
This time, I’ve connected 2 VMBKWHxx on VMB7IN inputs as shown in the following image.

I want now understand how are calculated the 2 values near each input (one is kwh, second is W) ?
the first seems to be cumulative way, but the second value is strange for me.

Thanks for your help (and if possible, help me to understand IR control for VMB4PD, I would to use smartphone to have some controls) :wink:

PS : by the way, it’s no longer possible to reset counters with VelbusLink 9.82 (was possible with 9.80) :frowning:

The first value is indeed cumulative (like what’s on your electricity bill). The second value is the momentary electrical power (Volts multiplied by Ampère).
If eg. you switch on a 200W spot (and nothing else), the second value would be 200W and remain 200W over time.
The first value would be this 200W multiplied with the duration in hours. So after half an hour you would see 100Wh, after 3h you would see 600Wh, etc.
See also internet pages on “Wh versus W”, like this one.

For the VMB4PD and IR, have you thoroughly checked the downloads on the product page?

Yes it is, it was only moved to another location (more coherent with other modules). It’s now in the config settings of the VMB7IN (in the dialog where you configure the counter).

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My problem is to found an Android application able to send Velbus control (through IR sensor of my smartphone).

I have heard that the app “IR Remote Control” by rautsik works, but I cannot confirm this, nor is it supported or endorsed by Velbus.
The IR protocol has also just been published as a download on the VMBGPODB and VMBGPODW product pages. (Direct link to the PDF).
(If the download link doesn’t work immediately it may need to sync, try again in an hour or so…)

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