Howto program an automatic double door

Dear all,

I’m new to VELBUS system, but looking for a way to program the behaviour of an automatic (double) door/gate in the garden.

The concept of how this double gate is working or should be working:

  1. Since it exists in 2 sections, first section A must be opened. Allowing section B, afters eg 3 seconds, to be opened automatic.
  2. While the gate is opening (or closing) , when you press a button, the gate must stop opening (both section A and B)
  3. When you press a button to close the gate, first section B must be closed, after eg 3 seconds, section A can start to move for closing

I saw that a relais module capabilities has about 40 functions to program, but it help if someone can assist in the first steps to take for programming the behaviour of my gate.

Thank you in advance !
Kind regards,

This would be easiest with a VMB2BLE shutter module, I think. “Blind up” would then be like “gate open”, and “down” like “closed” (or vice versa). The shutter modules have interesting actions built-in for these kinds of things.
A possible setup would be as follows:

  • 3 buttons: open, stop and close
  • “blind 1” channel corresponds to section A and “blind 2” to section B
  • actions for “open” button:
    1. “direct up” to section A
    2. “direct up” to section B, delayed on time = 3s
  • actions for “close” button:
    1. “direct down” to section A, delayed on time = 3s
    2. “direct down” to section B
  • actions for “off” button: “lock” to both sections, timeout = 1s. This will briefly lock the channels and thus stop the motor.

Maybe this will need some tweaking and testing (especially what happens when opening, stopping while it’s opening, opening further, stopping again, etc, and see what happens with the 3s delays that will accumulate. Normally the “direct up/down” actions will take care of it, because finally both sections will end up completely open/closed and the delays will then start from zero again.)

Variations on this principle, or even completely other solutions, are also possible of course…