I need a little help integrating VELBUS to MIAC


I am the Managing Drector of Matrix. www.matrixmultimedia.com.

We have a product called MIAC which is a flexible controller with built in CAN bus and easy-to-use flow chart programming software called ‘Flowcode’. We like VELBUS and we want to let users know that VELBUS is compatible with MIAC using the CAN bus. Velleman know of our intentions. I am looking for a VELBUS hobbyist/enthusiast to give us a little help writing an article on how to connect VELBUS to MIAC. (we do have engineers but they are all busy!)

Is anyone out there able to help us? We can pay a little. contact johnmatrixmultimedia.co.uk


In wich way is velbus compatible? Can the can-bus of the miac be slowed down? Did you arleady did some tests?
I’m interested because I’m looking myself for a solution to do some logic programming @ the bus, the only problem I have is the limited time in between my work and my house rebuildings.