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I’m new to velbus programming and I’m trying to figure my head around on how to do the following:

On one side, I have one button. I want that button to switch on the main light and switch off all the light of the same room. Right now, I achieve this by using the button in multimode (One virtual button to switch ON the main light, the second to switch off all light)

The problem is that I have 2 other button (on the other side of the room), one to turn on and off the main light, and one to control a secondary light.
So if I light up the main light with the second button, when I want to switch off the light using the first one, it’s in the wrong state… (same if I turned off using the second button)
Also, if I only light up the secondary light, the main button is also in the wrong state as I’d like it to turn it off instead of first turning on the mains light.

Is there a way to achieve this natively without using timer? I tried to understand the post of @RCZ from a couple of month but I have a bit of a hard time understanding how the scheme help achieve what he asked on the first place so here I am… I also tried playing with virtual relay but if it’s the only way to achieve this, then I would need an additional module for my other rooms. Maybe there is a way to change the state of the multimode button? That would be great and simpler…

Hi @SRLive ,

Maybe this can help you further:

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Can you explain which type of switches you have that could be “in the wrong state” ?

Are you using glass panels or physical toggle switches and something like a VMB8PBU

I ask because the LED feedback of every Velbus module will follow the state of the relay / dimmer, making it impossible for them to be in the wrong state.

Well, the problem is solved now but I had several times the physical toggle switch led ON while everything was off in the room (and I did not used relay, but a two state switch at the time).

I find the fact of having to use a virtuel dimmer quite annoying. In my case, I’d like to make that kind of basic logic in several room, but if I have many dimmers, I only have one relay module so, I only have one virtual relay. (Wonder why such feature could not be implemented in other modules as well as it seems to be very necessary for any slightly not basic operation…)