IF logic natively?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to make some logic work without the help of OpenHab/Home Assistant or Node-Red… but struggling to see if the following is possible:

I have 1 button for spot lights - with dimmer memory on/off on short press.
when I click that button… I want another channel to also switch on - lets call it light2
when I switch off the spot lights… the spots should switch off… but not light2

and the kicker:
If light2 was already off - and the spots are on - and I press spots to go off - light2 must stay off

so, in short - I need a conditional statement:
IF {Spots == OFF

But how can I do this natively ?

At first I thought to do a virtual relay channel that would follow SPOTS and send INHIBIT to LIGHT2 if Spots are ON - but that would also exclude me from switching off LIGHT2 from any other point in the house - which I still want. - or can I send a CANCEL INHIBIT and TOGGLE in a single command from another button? - or would this become fuzzy logic depending on which command reaches LIGHT2 first?

I don’t want to use timers - as that would confuse the hell out of everybody depending on the timings used…

With the help of @MDAR - we figured out the following (with advanced ignore mode for day time)


And while we are at it …

a schematic for a delayed on / direct off

In short, CHANNEL2 will follow x seconds after CHANNEL 1 for ON
but channel 2 and channel 1 will BOTH switch directly OFF

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I am aware of virtual relays but where do virtual buttons come from?
I have not seen these before.


Assuming we are referring to a non Oled glass panel, every panel has at least the capability for four virtual buttons.

To active them, simply go to the first page of a panels configuration and change a button from “Disabled”.

This will make the button visible in the main Velbuslink window.
From there you can add actions, just as you would any button.

You can also use this virtual button with the panels programs.

Does that help?

My light switches are all home-made with VMB8PBU inside (see photo here).

I have 30 of these switches each with either 2 or 4 buttons.

So there are lots of unused inputs available but other than hooking them up to things for testing (eg. switch all the downlights on/off) that I can toggle in the VelbusLink via “operate” I have not thought to use them for anything else.

Oh, apart from, I do have one spare switch has a program to turn the bathroom towel rails on for two hours every morning. Is that the sort of thing you use the virtual switches on the glass panels for?

Is it possible to start a program (ie. a program on an input module like a switch) on a button press?

My apologies, I completely forgot the conversation we had about Glass panels Vs buttons.

It’s been a few years since you took delivery of your Velbus kit and there’s been at least one other order across my desk since then :laughing:

Thankfully the logic remains the same, just use your ‘unused’ buttons in each VMB8PBU

Precisely so.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but yeah, you can enable / disable program activity or change program groups from buttons.

Create an action between a button and the root of the/ a / any module and see which actions you are presented with.