IFFFT Integration

Hello, how can you integrate Velbus with IFFFT?

Anything is possible.

What do you want to do with it?

I want to make an Velbus-integration in IFTTT, just like I have now in Home Assistant.
If been told IFTTT is more powerful and flexble, so I want to migratie from H.A. to IFTTT.
But I don’t find how to make an integration for Velbus …

I guess it all depends on how that platform handles data.

If it doesn’t have a gateway of some kind to translate your/ it’s requests into data packets that Velbus understands, it’s going to be tough.

How does it talk to other systems?

Well, I don’t know to be honest.
Think I’ll stick to Home Assistant…
Works flawlessly as far as Velbus integration is concerned.
Thanks anyway!

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