Infrared with phone to VMB4PD

Hi Velbus team and my best wishes for 2022 !

I would to know if it’s possible to control my VMB4PD with the IR beamer of my smartphone rather your old (and batteries eater) IR remote command.
I could use ma smartphone for TV, it should work with your modules if you give us the IR protocol used?

Thanks by advance,

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Hey David

Happy new year to you too.

The Standard Velleman IR commands will do the trick.

There is / was an Android app that the developer kindly added the Velbus / Velleman codes to.

I can’t remember the name, I’ll search for it tomorrow.

I might even have the list of IR commands in my archive somewhere, if you can add them to an app of your choice.

Best wishes,


I didn’t have to look far.

Just a search for “Velbus IR codes” popped up this app

IR codes are in this document

Hi Stuart,
unfortunately, the “IR remote control pro” doesn’t works because IR remote command must send the module’s address and the application doesn’t let us change or modify it. I suppose the developper has buy just one module and tested it only.
However, the PDF you joined here is interesting, and I hope to be able to exploit it. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I was under the impression that the IR codes were just the standard Velleman ones.

The app certainly worked with all the VMBGPOD panels that I tested it with.

The commands just mimicked the first 32 buttons and heating modes of whichever VMBGPOD I was pointing my phone / tablet at.

(Same commands, different rooms etc)

Maybe the module you’re referring to does something very different?

I supposed too. If someone from Velbus could help about this, it would be fine.
With VPM4PD modules, remote command was a kind of stick, with position sensor.

Hey David

Call me silly if you wish, but have you actually tried the Android app yet? (Or the free version)

I’m convinced it’ll work for what you’re asking, purely because there are only 36 IR commands for Velleman / Velbus. Which are all available in that app.

(Which the OLED panel interpretes as
32 buttons
4 heat modes)

Best wishes,


Sorry for my late answer.
VMB4PD could have IR stick from Velbus, and I remember that IR stick need module address to work.
So for now, the application is unable to command anything on VMB4PD.

With IR stick I could command light and other stuff, but not with the application.
Still working on it

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