Inhibit channels with PIRO level settings

Hi, I’m not able to INHIBIT channels that ARE NOT SWITCHED by the PIRO MOTION LD, during day time light levels.
The channels operated directly by the PIRO MOTION LD work ok, it’s the channels initiated by other equipment that can´t put to work.
Difficulty is to have either LIGHT or DARK channels to operate adequately, clearly I am real confused with it’s settings. To what questions do I need to answer for your deeply appreciated support? thanks

Could you post your .vlp please (in PM if you prefer) and clearly state which channels (address + channel) need to do exactly what?

PIRO_TEST.vlp (48.9 KB)
Hi and thanks. This vlp is just a simple setup that exemplifies my needs. As mentioned, I’m not being able to adequately have light circuits to not turn on during the day. As operation, what I’d like:

  • PIRO MOTION-LD activates circuits 1,2,3,4
  • VP01-A MOTION activates circuits 1,2
  • VP01-B MOTION activates circuits 3,4

The easiest way to block lights from turning on during the day, is making a “forced off while initiator is closed” action from the PIR “light” channel to the relay.

The PIR light setting timeout needs to be set to “Momentary”.

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THANK YOU! All solved. There were 2 reasons for not obtaining results:

  • not having clear the required functioning of the light/dark adjustments and adequate combination with required command.
  • system requiring, in certain un-understood reasons, to assume the light readings seen, occasionaly taking over 20 secs,
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