Integration with home center bugs out

Good afternoon to you all

I’ve been programming the Velbus link and I’ve ran into a problem.

So I’ve got a little RGB system configured. It’s basically a mix of supressing and turning lights off and on.

Now as soon as I try to integrate this into the server via the client. The logic I’ve writting into the device doesn’t work anymore.
It seems to ignore any suspension I’ve written.
It still works manually with the buttons and with the VelbusLink software but it doesn’t seem to work with the Home Center software.

Hope anyone can shed some light on this topic and possibly provide a solution.




What do you mean by “the homecenter doesn’t work”?

Perhaps you added the relay channel to your zone in stead of the push button?

This makes a difference since the push button will simulate its action which is necessary in your case (for the lock functionality).