IR and LG L3


Hi Velbus team,

My phone is able to send IR and I really want to use it (with an application). Unfortunately, the IR protocol isn’t describe and no application on the market knows Velbus (I’ve paid for one but it wont works, I just loose money).

Do you have something planned to drive VMB4PD ?



We’ve added the IR protocol documentation for both 4PD and GPOD, it can be found at


Rautsik added the Velbus IR commands to his Android app a couple of years ago.

They can be found under “Home Automation”

It works with my Samsung Note 10.1 and an old Samsung S3


Thanks VEL448 ! I’ll study it…


Well, I’ve bought it few month ago but it still not working (with another application, I can start and stop videoprojector, so my IR emitter works on LG G3)… it would be great if I could discuss with Raustik about that.
Thanks MDAR :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:

I’ve replied via email with the developer’s contact details.

Good luck




Sorry about the delay, I have only just remembered that I said I’d double check that my Samsung Note 10.1 tablet still works with IRRemotecontrolPro.

I can confirm that it works perfectly, with various Oled panels around my home that have thier IR receivers enabled.