IR protocol for VMB4PD and other

Hi Velbus team,

some phones and many universal IR remote are able to send command or to learn command for Velbus.
It would be nice to be able to program an application on Android (or iPhone) that could send IR directly.

In fact, I’ve bougth 5 or 6 Velbus IR remote but they’re always out of battery (and not easy to use, with only one button and a special gesture)… so I would to use my smartphone now but not able to do anything for now.

Any help ? Thanks

Hi Golfy

I asked really nicely last year and the author of this Android app added ALL of the Velbus IR commands :slight_smile:

They work perfectly with the IR receiver in the Oled panels.
I’m told they use the same IR codes across the Velbus range.

For any UK owners…

Be aware that some codes appear to used by Sky TV remotes. (According to one of my clients, unconfirmed by us)



I just know that VMB4PD shoud receive a byte from it address (it must be configured on the remote IR).
I’ve these one (VMBIRTS) :

And here is the message from Velleman about it :

So I’ve bought the application but should ask some modification to the programmer’s guy !

And this topic may help (LOL “this topic” and “dystopique” a dystopic movie is like Bladerunner ^^ )