Jvelbus - Java Velbus SDK

I’d like to post some shameless advertisement for a new open source Java library for Velbus called jvelbus (jvelbus.org/). I’ve started this project to get fellow developers and hobbyists to more conveniently write their own software in a common programming language that works on many platforms (including Android). If you are interested and like Java, please, give it a try, tell me what you think, give suggestions, ideas, anything that can help the project move forward and give you more to play with. It’s important for me to know the ease of use, what parts are not explained well, and go from there to improve the website and library itself.

The library is completely free and released under the MIT license.

Thanks, and have fun!

I’ve added installation instructions for the BeagleBone Black. I thing I took quite the manual approach to installing the Java JDK, so if anyone knows the quick and easy way, please feel free to contribute.

As a follow up :-

There is now a GitHub page with instructions on how to setup GuntherVB’s JVelbusD TCP server here