K8086 - Relay Issue

This is a module that should detect ringing on a phone line, 1st it flashes an LED to indicate the phone is ringing… if you connect 12VDC that should allow the onboard relay to either turn on off as the LED does, or just have the relay turn on while the line is ringing.

I have assembled the K8086 kit and without using external power the LED works perfect as expected. But soon as I connect 12VDC to the input the Relay turns on, no matter if connected to phone line or not…

I have a 2nd Kit which I will not start till I get this one working correctly… good supply of extra parts… and images

Close up PICs - Images of board as JPG here. (7) pics

there are two things that are very poorly indicated the IC base cut is clear… but the Actual IC isn’t clearly indicated where the notched end is… but I suspect the LED would not light if I had that incorrect… then that leads to the transistor, which seems to be the control to the Relay, and it appears correct off the part numbers from the web and looking at the schematic on last page… So I think I have it correctly installed as well.

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This is specifically to do with the www.Velbus.eu range by Velleman.

You’re referring to a Velleman kit, try the Velleman forum.


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