KNX-Gateway - Signum

With Batibouw happening right now, how about KNX Gateway / Signum?

It was first announced at Batibouw 2018 (!) and I would like to hear when and what will be possible … In the meantime, the pressure to switch to non-Velbus has increased a lot as a result :frowning:

I also like to know what this means for developers.

Looking forward to finally have some decent way to connect to other iot platforms like Google Home! :wink:

You can connect Velbus to openHAB en then almost everything is possible!
Including Google Home!

I have written soms perl script to do this or you can use the official OpenHAB Velbus binding


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Thanks Stef.
I know about your (splendid!) openhab binding :wink:

I just wanted to know the status of KNX-Gateway - Signum … It’s been 2 years now …

The development of our own KNX gateway for Velbus has been temporarily paused.

The Signum is demonstrated at Batibouw. The release and development is taking way longer than we first anticipated. We’ve also changed our software concept last summer. The world of technology and home automation is changing at a rapid pace, therefore the software concept change was necessary.

We’ve already successfully coupled KNX products with Velbus through the Signum, but I’m not sure at this point if it would be available for customers in a first release.

For those of us that can’t make it to Batibouw this year, will there be documentation or at least a demo/promo video about what was shown and what we can expect from the Signum module (app design, configuration possibilities etc.)?


also interested, any news on the signum ?

Unfortunately, we didn’t think of that. Perhaps, we make some promo videos and how to’s with the launch. We will make the documentation available with the release at the earliest.

The expected release date should be in the second quarter of 2020.

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