kWh counter - log or data aquisition

Hi Folks,

Succesfully integrated the kWh counter in the velbus system, so i can read out live and daily consumation.
Now i was wondering if there is a way to see historical data, is that data logged somewhere maybe on hourly\daily base?

Thanks in advance for your input.

If you configure a VMBGPODx to show it, you can check the consumption (also past consumption), but maybe you already found that?
The data is logged in the VMBGPOD memory, but we have not yet developed an interface in Velbuslink to export it. For those who know how to program, the VMBGPOD protocol has all the info.

Al right, indeed the following is visible on the VMBGPODx display:

  • ‘live’ actual value (if value is higher than 68Watt)
  • Summary of the day, which get’s reset at midnight.
  • Total (coming from EMDIN03)

And exactly the missing link is to read out the memory of the VMBGPODx, so i don’t have to write the value down and put it in an excel file on daily base

Unfortunately I don’t have the program skills, so I’ll have to wait until somebody has some free time on a rainy day :wink:


I’ve paid an Algerian programmer to write a bit of software that does this.

The graphs can be seen here

(June 7, the Server is off line just now while some tweaks are made, but there is still some data on the ftp site to build the graphs from)

The server app even archives each 24 hour period into a seperate dated folder.

If you would like a copy of the software to test / use please let me know.

Best wishes



The server is back up and running again now.

You might like the particular graph of the electricity usage…

I would like to test the software in my house

Hi Max

There are currently a few minor bugs in the app, but if you’re happy to tolerate these until the next release, I can upload a zip file.

The current bugs are:-

Excessive Velbus traffic can cause the app to crash. (Mainly programming traffic)

Not crash tolerant, the data is currently only saved in memory for each current 24 hour period.

FTP shows as uploading, but occasionally the FTP transfer fails. Only a restart seems to resolve this currently.

Daily archives can only be stored on the host machine, although I use AutoVer to monitor the archive folder and mirror it to the FTP site.

There is more information on this Velbus monitoring app in this forum page :-



I have just uploaded a 20meg zip file that contains all the files required to get the graphing app up and running.

The URL is listed in this Velbus forum post :- [

Please provide some feedback as this will help us develop it further (time permitting).


This is exactly what I was dreaming of.
I’ll check out the thread, to stay up-to-date on this matter.




Have you had a chance to download the zip package?

If you want any help setting it up, please just ask.