Latest version crashing (10.8.1)

Hi everyone,

I installed the latest version just now, but its constantly crashing;

exception number : 20
exception class : EAccessViolation
exception message : Access violation at address 1203213A in module ‘ssleay32.dll’. Read of address 0AB4D000.

Same problem here. Update VMB2BLE is not possible because Velbuslink crashed during update.

most of the times it seems to be related to the connection - it is highly unstable for network connections

I haven’t witnessed any crashing.

But what we did get on site yesterday was a whole bunch of modules constantly sending out a small memory dump.

Only three packets, constantly repeated.

If we powered down that module, another would take it’s place and flood the bus with the same (looked like) small couple of packets.

And so it went on.

Ultimately the only way to stop the madness was to power down the whole system.

Bring it back up and all was well.

Until…we connected Velbuslink 10.8

(Towards the end of the process, I monitored the bus with V10.7.3 to see when the madness started)

We’ll look into this.

For those who have problems in the last version: You can download the previous version using following link:

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Noticed the same thing when I upgraded a few days ago. I dropped down to 10.7.3 and I had been still getting the memory dumps. Strangely enough, I was also playing with relays on Node-RED and I found that when a relay was set to “Toggle Relay” the dumps just went even more crazy and turning relays on and off via openHAB took a few seconds to respond but no appreciable delay when pressing buttons on glasspanels.
Looking at GitHub - gertst/node-red-contrib-velbus: A Node Red plugin to connect the Velleman Velbus home automation system to Node Red there is a commit for hanging TCP connections. So, installed from git and seems to be more stable. There is occasionally a flurry of memory dumps but nowhere near as bad as it was. Even “Toggle Relay” seems to be better behaved. Interestingly, I had noticed “buffer full” messages some months ago, but could not figure out what was causing it and that now seems to have stopped since I installed from git.
So, not sure if node-red-contrib-velbus version 0.2.10 is the actual culprit. Shall see what happens over the next few days or so.

It might be that the Node-RED Velbus pallette is causing the flooding of the bus.

@rrajagopal Noticed that detail.

We will remove the Velbus pallette for a while and see if the issue stops

I dont have node-red enabled and see the same thing…

perhaps its the Velbus-service server?

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i see the same thing, its crasing constantly.

Version 10.8.2 is available from our website.

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