LCD Display on VMB4RY : how many "write" cycle?


I want to display local temp on VMB4RY display… but I’ve two different ideas :

  • first, cycling text each 10 second for example (Kitchen (10s) --> [19°] (5s) --> …)
  • second, write temp each minut in the middle of 1st line (Kitche[19°]alon] )
    but like USB or SSD drive doesn’t support too many write access, I wouldn’t limit the life of my switches :slight_smile:
    How many write can I do on VMB4RY module (and other modules) ?

Thanks by advance

Sorry, the VMB4RY is a relay module :slight_smile:
Please let us know what item you are referring to.

oups thinking to VMB4PD (4 push buttons + LCD display 2 lines)

Number of write cycles is limited to 1.000.000

Thanks for this information :slight_smile:
it would be not a good idea to write something on it each minut !

6024365 = 525600 --> in 2 years module would become defective… I’ll found other idea :)))