LED dim with VMB4LEDPWM-20

The new PWM-20 has 12-24V input (possibly also higher?) …

how to validate if it can run my LED’s? I have the Lumibright spots -link- … that use a 7W COB LED with 170mA and 30-40V input.

I’m currently dimming them with TRIDONIC LCBI 10W 180mA PHASE-CUT/1–10V controllers (1 per LED)

Would the VMB4LEDPWM-20 be able to drive these LED’s directly… or does it not support >24V inputs or does it not do phase-cut dimming (at least I think thats what the tridonic does…)

They sound like Constant Current led, with a captive (hard wired) driver

These are not compatible with the VMB4LEDPWM-20.

Constant Voltage only LEDs should be used

12V or 24V