Leds connected to 8 channel push button module


My modules are available at the dealer … so tomorrow is playing time! :lol:

A question about the VMB8PB: As I understand the docs right it is possible to trigger the leds parallel to the push buttons (on/off/binking).

But what is triggering this behaviour? Pressing the push buttons? Or is it send by other modules?

So is it possible to show the status of a dimmer by putting a corresponding led gradually on? Even if the push buttens dis not trigger the dimmer themselves?
How is this done?

If this is not possible, can you give me an example what is possible then with the leds?

I’m looking for a nice looking switch with 4/6 push buttons with leds. Any advice for compatible models (niko, btchino, …) ?

thank you,

Led status is determined by feedback from other modules, so it is not generated locally.
Leds can be dimmed (background illumination), flashing (timer or dimmer action) or continuous on (relay on or dimmer at max).

Thanks for the info.

Any tips for nice push buttons?