Light switch 01 ON and light 02 ON with VMB4RYNO

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I ask for help :
CH2 = LIGHT 02

With n.01 button I should turn on first light 01, press again and turn on light n.02 and press again and turn off light 01 and light 02, this is possible? I ask then if the actions exist in Italian translation? or list complete of this …

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Paolo Spagnolo

This action is called ‘multiknop’. In screenshots beneath you can see an example. For this you have to activate
an virtual channel on the input module. 1 push is light 1 on, next push is light 2 on and next push is lights off.

The settings for the ‘multiknop’ in example:

Many thanks for help

Paolo Spagnolo

There is no Italian translation, but there is an overview + explanation of all the actions.
(You can find it in the Downloads section of the Velbuslink product page, or via the Velbuslink menu “Help” > “Manuals”).
However, the multibutton function is not an action as such, and is not explained in the action overview but in the Velbus Installation Guide part 2 (link on Velbus homepage, right menu-bar).

an example is possible ? WITH VMB8PBU and VMB4RYNO i do not see virtual kNOP IN vmpb8pu

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I worry about translating it for our customers then

Paolo Spagnolo


I used an example with a vmb2pbn but if you use a vmb8pbu you can use a spare push button channel that is
free. In the vmb2pbn you have only 2 physical channels but you can activate another 6 virtual channels. With the vmb8pbu you have 8 physical channels. So if you have one or more channels that you don’t use physically (connected with wires) than you can use one or more of them through the function ‘multibutton’