Linux environment

I would like to know if velbus controllers have Linux software support.
(a C or C++ library or Java class)

At the moment we only have a .NET library for Windows, but maybe other users have libraries they can share. Of course, the protocol is completely open so you’re free to write your own libraries to suit your needs :slight_smile:

How can I get the protocol specification?

The protocol specification for each module can be downloaded from the website. I have been doing development towards the Velbus protocol myself (Java) and it is well documented. So it should get you up and running…

Are you, by the way, still looking for a solution for your problem?
Or did you work things out yourself?

Are there lots of people interested in a Java release of the Velbus protocol?

if someone has developped the equivalent of Velbus lib in Java? if yes could you share it.

Thank you.

I have developed the Java equivalent for the Velbus lib quite some time ago, hence the possible outdated response to your question.

If you are still looking for a Java lib, please let me know. Although it is still in a beta (not much testing done) phase, I am willing to reopen my test-case and perform some additional testing to see if it is stable enough for daily usage…

hello kwd001

could you please share me your java lib? I am really interested to help you develop/extend it in Java.

v . detez @ gmail . com

Hi Kwd001,

I’m also interested with your Java lib, please could you share it?

Thank you

Hi everybody,

The velbus library in Java has been made available through SourceForge.
Please check to access the source code and information pages.


Hi Kurt,

Thks for this development. I will try it asap.


After some searching I came across a linux interface made by Niobos. I have tested it on my Ubuntu v12 and v13 machines.

As I am not a developer of software I figured out how to get the necessary modules for compilation installed. The information on the webpage now is quite complete and should help the not so experiencedprogrammer get started without problems. The program works fine on my linux server. Credits to Niobos for going through the trouble of making the software!