List with command codes


I’m writing some code in classes to interact with the velbus protocol.
I started writing the “scan for modules”. I thought it would be easy to have a list with all existing commands. Is this list available?


command_module_type = 0xFF; 4_channel_relay_module_type = 0x08 ...

I know each module has a downloadable protocol.pdf, but a generic list would be very handy.
Especially because the pdf files are protected: even a simple copy/paste from the pdf is not possible :frowning:

Thanks a lot!

At this time, such a list is not available.
Might be a good idea tough.


this is the list with the command codes:

00 switch status
01 switch relay off
02 switch relay on
03 start relay timer
04 blind off
05 blind up
06 blind down
07 set dimmer value
08 start dimmer timer
09 bus off
0A bus active
0B rs232 buffer full
0C rs232 buffer empty
0D start blink relay timer
0E interface status request
0F slider status
60 firmware update request
61 firmware info
62 enter firmware upgrade
63 abort firmware upgrade
64 exit firmware upgrade
65 firmware upgrade started
66 write firmware memory
67 firmware memory
68 firmware memory write confirmed
69 read firmware memory
C6 temperature settings part3
C7 statistics request
C8 statistics
C9 read memory block
CA write memory block
CB memory dump request
CC memory block
CD lcd line text part1
CE lcd line text part2
CF lcd line text part3
D0 lcd line text request
D1 enable timer channels
D2 reset backlight
D3 reset pushbutton backlight
D4 set pushbutton backlight
D5 backlight status request
D6 backlight
D7 real time clock request
D8 real time clock
D9 error count request
DA error count
DB temperature sensor comfort mode
DC temperature sensor day mode
DD temperature sensor night mode
DE temperature sensor safe mode
DF temperature sensor cooling mode
E0 temperature sensor heating mode
E1 temperature sensor lock
E2 temperature sensor unlock
E3 set default sleep timer
E4 temperature sensor set temperature
E5 temperature sensor temperature request
E6 temperature sensor temperature
E7 temperature sensor request settings
E8 temperature sensor settings part1
E9 temperature sensor settings part2
EA temperature sensor status
EB IR reciever status
EC blind switch status
ED input switch status
EE dimmer status
EF module name request
F0 module name part1
F1 module name part2
F2 module name part3
F3 set backlight
F4 update led status
F5 clear led
F6 set led
F7 slow blinking led
F8 fast blinking led
F9 very fast blinking led
FA module status request
FB relay switch status
FC write eeprom data
FD read eeprom data
FE eeprom data status
FF node type

so that’s it. hope that someone can use this list.

I’ve updated your post with the missing value for EE

Possible module types are:

vmb8PB = 0x01
vmb1RY = 0x02
vmb1BL = 0x03
vmb6IN = 0x05
vmb1DM = 0x07
vmb4RY = 0x08
vmb2BL = 0x09
vmb8IR = 0x0A
vmb4PD = 0x0B
vmb1TS = 0x0C
vmb1TH = 0x0D
vmb1TC = 0x0E
vmb1LED = 0x0F

(Notice the gaps: 0x04, 0x06)

When scanning there is only one exception to look out for, two modules with the same address. This can only be detected if both modules have a different type, since communication is asynchronous and modules do not have a unique ID.

what kind of module is vmb1th ?

Thermostat module (not released module) -> VMB1TC will do the job.

I have got a VMB1RY, and, when I receive its MODULE_TYPE value, it is set to 0x03 instead of 0x02.
Is it a mistake in the documentation ?
And so, what is the module type value of VMB1BL ?

Are you getting the type number from the correct byte? It should be the byte right after the command byte (FF). Or maybe you are sending the module type packet to the wrong address?

You could try using the VelbusLink software with the packet monitor open (CTRL+T) and check if you are seeing the same module type byte


Apparently the protocol sheet of the vmb4DC needs a correction.
Dimmer status command in the protocolsheet = B8
Correct one as mentioned in this topic = EE


The dimmer controller VMB4DC has a new status command ‘B8’ instead of the ‘EE’ because the contents of the packect is different from the other dimmer modules.


I tried to send the B8 command from my own module but the velbus software does not recognise it. The software displays unknown command in the log.
I used the MODULE_TYPE value of the VMB4DC to identify my custom module.


Don’t worry about the ‘unknown command’, B8 is the correct command id.