Making a thermostate with VMBGPOW and VMB4RYNO

Hello, is it possible to create a thermostate with a VMBGPOW and VMB4RYNO to drive the burner of a central heater.
This is when the temperature is above for example 20 degrees the contact closes and when the temp is reached the
contact opens again. The temp must of course be adjustable.
Thanks BartBr.

This is perfectly possible, since the VMBGPOW is equipped with a temperature sensor.

Hello, I thought it was possible but I’d like to know how you program it in your velbuslink.
Thanks Bartbr;

Hey bartbr,

Did you already figure out how to connect the VMBGPOW to a relais in velbuslink? And set day en night temperatures.


In response to your questions we will be making a Youtube video that shows how to configure this in VelbusLink. We will post this video somewhere later this day.

VMBGPO Thermostat Configuration

Thanks that’s what I needed.

Sorry for the bad quality :slight_smile:

Ah, it only works when connected to your velbus system.

Yes, some things can only be done when connected.


I tried to let the VMBGPOW switch automatically between day and night mode using relative times using alarm 1 for wake up and alarm 2 for goto sleep times. But the switching does never occur.

Do i have to enable the alarms or something to let it trigger the program steps? And if so, I have multiple VMBGPOW in my house programmed this way (different zones), should i enable the alarms on all of them?


You have to enable the alarm1 and alarm2 setting on every panel which uses alarm related program steps.


Thx. I am feelings rather stupiditeit with my IT background but I cannot find how to ‘enable the alarms’. I made the alarms on all panels ‘part of alarm group x’ but that does not do it. Above that option there is some option to activate the alarm. Maybe you mean that one but it is grayed out always, also when connected to the bus.

Idea’s what i am missing?


You are correct, the alarms can not be enabled through VelbusLink, this is a feature that still needs to be added, my apologies. However, the alarms can be enabled with the glass panel itself, we will post instructions here soon on how to do this.

Instruction for enabling alarm releted programs:
First enable the ‘Show the clock page’ setting of the panel via Velbuslink.

On the glass panel itself go to the clock page.
Long press the upper left button for enabling the program group (a small icon appears on the screen with the program number)
Long press the lower left button for enabling alarm 1 (the alarm 1 times are displayed in the lower left corner of the screen)
Long press the lower right button for enabling alarm 2 (the alarm 2 times are displayed in the lower right corner of the screen)


The enabling of alarms on the glass panel seems to work (will check if programs will run now), but only on the VMBGPO.

I also use VMBGP2 as thermostat in some zones. Is there another way to enable alarms on those panels?



I will answer my own question. By enabling alarm 1 on one panel they seem to be enabled on all of them. I suppose that is because all thermostat panels are member of alarm group 1