Managing "loi d'eau" (water law ?) for heating system?

Hello Velbus Team,

another question (again) : Is it possible to manage a heat system with water circulation in pipe in the floor (in french “plancher chauffant a circulation d’eau”) ?

Basically, there is 2 sensors, 1 for ext temp, 1 for interior temp but it seems that real systems have sensor on input water and output water in the circuit… has Velleman build this kind of sensor ? is it possible to open (or add) VMB1TS and put the sensor in contact with heating pipe ?

Thanks by advance,

Sensor limit is 64°C, so it is not suited for this application.
Sorry, we do not carry an application for floor heating at this time.

It should be enough because underfloor heating is around 31°C : it’s not like radiant heating which have to work at 40-45°C and hot water for washing (bathroom) which is 50-55°C.

The problem is how to put sensor in physical contact with heating pipes ?

You will have to open and modify a sensor…