Mediacenter integration

Did anyone think already to develop an integration in Windows Mediacenter where you can easily see the status of the lightning in you house etc?
I’m not an expert in writing code but this shouldn’t be too dificult?


Maybe some of you could write an add-in, it doesn’t seem to be very difficult. I hope they’re at 2.0 version of the framework so you can use the System.IO.Ports namespace. I’ll try to take a look in my spare time too

I’m interested in media center integration also. Please post if you made some progress. Once I have my modules I’ll start working on it too and will share accordingly :slight_smile:

I want to re-launch this question.

Is there anyone already busy with writing their own applications in or outside Mediacenter to make the home automation complete? It would be great that U could start and stop the lights with your PDA or universal remote control?


I was looking into it a month ago, but I stopped because I’m rather busy lately. I also found it rather difficult to implement: programming C# is rather new to me - I’m more an Actionscript developer.
This is why I started creating a flash (flex) RIA that connects to the velbusLink software (server mode) using a socket connection. I only reached a proof-of-concept stage, but it seams to work stable. However: Lot’s of coding to do to make this a usefull tool. But it should be usefull for pda’s also (if they support flash 9).

Some more info about my first attempts to write this Flex tool - including the source code - can be found in this post.

For your info, this firm will release a mediacenter version soon

I registered myself and will test very soon all this… It seems very promising, they will make the announcement tomorrow for the support of Velbus…