Memo on VMBELO (multi-line support)


would it be possible to have multi-line support on the memo option for the vmbelo?

I would like to send something like:
daily yield: xxx W
daily used: yyy W
returned: zzz W

In a single display, rather than with scrolling…

perhaps with sending special characters?
perhaps we can set the font-size too? in case I just want to send a number?
have alignment options (center as default?) ?


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I’m not sure that’s possible, without some serious changes to the firmware.

It’s possible to inject a replacement bitmap for a page.
If you can work out how to create the bitmap in the first place.

how do we do the bitmap thing? … I think I can create a bitmap on a web server that is then injected… which would be awesome!

You express exactly what I was dreaming for a while: more information in (or with) the memo.
Additional, on a “free” page, you could use the buttons to navigate within the information selectios.

Please take this advise; not to write frequently to the memory, it will end bad.

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