Module VMBDM1 broken (in 100% position)?


today one my lamp dimmer still at 100% (lamp is lit) even if it state is 0% (no blinking led).
The module is up and receive frames and acts as a good module… is it possible ?


I’m afraid that your module is broken electronically. There is still a possibility that the problem will disappear when the module cools down.

well that shouldn’t break as fast ! it’s only 3 years I’ve got them (and this one works only with 60W incandescent lamp)…
I’ve to return it directly to Velbus or through my reseller ?

Please, could you please answer me : should I send the bad module to Velbus directly or pass through my reseller (take more time) ?

and second question : is it normal that it break after 3 years ? because I’ve 7 modules like it… :frowning:

thanks by advance

Any news on this topic?
I’m considering of installing this system in my home but these sort of messages and
the difficult/ unclear support and reseller situation is making me doubt if it is the correct choice.

Sorry to read you experience problems with your dimmer.
The fastest way to get the problem fixed is to return it to our service dept.


Velleman Service Dept.
Legen Heirweg 33
9890 Gavere

At this time, we cannot tell what the cause of the problem might be, as we did not have a chance to examine your unit yet.

Hi Velbus team.
The defect module is on your way…

Repaires module received. thanks.
What was wrong ?

Sorry, the forum moderators are not the people that handle repairs.
We can check with the repair dept, but can you provide a name or an RMA# or other info that we could use to identify your particular case?

Sorry, I was very long to answer. The RMA is 359544.
You can send me private information if needed, to golfy * free . fr (replace * by @ and remove space)
I just need to understand if my other dimmer will have the same problem (french electricity ? my power survey doesn’t see anything bad)…


Le dept. des réparation nous a informé que le FET était defectueux.
Malheureusement il n’est pas possible de determiner la cause.