Modules DLLs

Hello!, where can i find the Modules DLLs (APIs)?

Maybe you can find what you are looking for in our downloads section:

We’re not quite sure what you mean by “Modules”

Hi, thanks for helping, that was exatcly what i was looking for

New DLL (rev 3.0.2) file for K8055 & VM110, with Windows Vista support.
Also special Microsoft VC++ version and executable examples.

Modules i meant to say: k8055, …, …


Well, plenty of stuff then :slight_smile:

Have fun

Just another question!

The velbus “Modules” don’t have a specific DLL?, i have the .NET stuff but tell’s me how to make a Velbus API not the API, can i make a suggestion?, can you compile a document with all documentation relative to each “Module”?, like packets receive call’s, all the ADRESS’s and functions?, i have to seek for multiple PDF’s in order to do that!!

Just an opinion!


Implementing the entire Velbus API in a DLL available to the public would be far too complex and thus unusable for a very large part of hobbyist programmers. That’s why we offer only the communications part (receiving, parsing and sending packets), allowing users to create their own library in their programming language of choice.

At the moment you can download the protocol for each module separately. We still have some ideas though for improvement of this documentation, but they should be ok the way they are now to know what command can be sent or received from each module.