Momentary (follow) question

Hey all,

I have a set of LED’s on a dimmer hooked up to a scene.
The scene involves lowering the dimmers in the kitchen and the living room to 15%, switching off all normal lights and activating 1 power socket ( a scenery lamp attached to it)

Now what i want to achieve is that the power socket follows the dimmer, but only at the - 30% treshold.
No point turning a scenery lamp on when the lights are at 100%.
Following the dimmer is no issue, but i want it only to follow under 30% values.
What combination do i need to create ?

Thanks !

Hi NubCake,

I don’t think that this is possible at this moment unless you use third party software.
In the future, our Signum server will be able to do this kind of logic.

Alright, Ill see if it i can arange it in the openhab structure then.
How is the signum ? was it not the release at batibouw ?

The release is expected in the second quarter of 2020. We had a working demo at Batibouw.