More complex switches


I am on the point of buying the velbus devices but I have some questions that could not being answerd in the shop. Can somebody please help me?

I want to know if 2 special situations are possible or a solution to make it possible

  1. I want to have a light on when it is dark AND somebody is passing by ( Both detectors can be connected, externally, to a VMB8PB for example). So is it possible to make some knowledge in the system to switch something when 2 inputs are made high and not only one? :?:

  2. Is it possible to switch-on a light based on a level of darkness, input to this with an externall device connected to a VMB8PB (Or a better solution). but switch-off the light on a special timestamp. So not after xHours but on 23:00, for example? :?:



At this time, such devices are not available, but they would make a nice expansion of the system in the future.

PIR detectors with relay output usually feature an LDR, so that they only react when it is dark. By means of an extra relay, they can be connected to the 6 channel input module

The pushbutton panel with LCD features built-in timer which allow you to turn of a light at a preset time.


Then I think I have to start connecting the whole to my linux server and do it there (Assiming that that will work)
So I hope within some months there will be a linux solution for the velbus (I will then start creating it. :oops: …)