Motion detector with openhab

Hello guys i will provide more details but just wanted to know if anybody got this wird thing that if you use a motion detector to trigger a notification in openhab constatly all night it will send every night at 00 o clock a notification.
Any help would be apreciated.

this is the rule

   rule "test notification front"

Channel ‘velbus:vmbpirm:402d3512:10:input#CH6’ triggered PRESSED

“Somebody is at your front door at night”


Can you leave VelbusLink running overnight, just to see if there is an event on the log @ 00:00 from your sensor?

Likewise, you can always check the events.log file in openHAB2.


Which sensor type is it, with which firmware version?

At least looking at the log, you can identify if its an issue with the sensor or openHAB2.

If it turns out to be openHAB2, you’ll probably get more help / assistance from the openHAB2 community pages.