Motion (LD) and Absence channels

Hi. I am programming the lights in my sitting room using a VMBGP4PIR such that when the room is dark and I walk in, the lights come on - this is trivial via the Motion (LD) -> momentary to the lights relay. I also want it such that the lights remains on even if the room is unoccupied, but only till 2200. After this time, the lights should go off. So, I have enabled the absence channel -> momentary to the relay, but lock the absence channel between 1900 and 2200. However, it looks like if the absence channel is locked, the motion (LD) does not trigger, so, in my scenario, if the lights are turned off at 2000, and I walk in at 2030, the lights do not come on automatically. The dark and motion channels are not affected but the motion (LD) is. Is this the expected behaviour, or am I doing something wrong somewhere?

The Motion (LD) channel should not be affected by locking the absence channel.
Can you check in VelbusLink, live, if the Motion (LD) channel becomes pressed when you pass in front of it while absence is locked please? Also check whether the current light value is darker than the threshold please (you can see that live in the config screen of the sensor).

Thanks. I thought that the Motion (LD) should not be affected when the Absence channel is locked. The Motion (LD) does not become pressed when passing in front. The Dark/Light and Motion channels are pressed though. The Absence channel is locked between 1900 and 2200. Still not dark enough before 1900, but between the 1900 and 2200, Motion (LD) does not become pressed, but after 2200, it works fine. Tested on my other VMBGP4PIRs, and they behave the same too.
VMBPIRCs are being installed upstairs as we speak, but I have had to rely on the VMBGP4PIRs downstairs as I had not run cables in the ceiling space downstairs. Shall hopefully know later whether the VBMPIRC Motion (LD) channels are affected the same way.

Just checked the VMBPIRCs. They work as they should. The Motion (LD) works even if the Absence channel is locked. Shall check again tomorrow whether my other VMBGP4PIRs are affected. It may be that there is a bug in the firmware?

All my VMBGP4PIRs have the same issue - the Motion LD channel is also locked when the Absence channel is locked. This does not happen with the VMBPIRCs. Has anyone else noticed this?

This is indeed a bug, probably firmware. We’re looking into it, I’ll update here. (This might take a little while.) Our apologies for the inconvenience.

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Great. Thank you very much.

Just for reference, this bug has been fixed a while ago in FW 2044.
(Sorry to the OP for not updating here earlier.)

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