Movement detector

I want to install a movement detector on my velbus system.
Now i have been to an elektro shop. The told me that i could use a niko 420-00100. (combination with: 161-78400 )

My problem: how do you install a 230v detector on a 12 V system? Can someone help me please.S
So i can give tips to my eletrician.
He does not know either how to install the movement detector.


Either you get a 12V detector (there are plenty of detectors in our range of alarm products) or you power a 220V relay with your 220V detector or you open the 220V detector and modify the circuit so that you get a dry contact instead of 220V out. Please don’t ask how to do this, every detector is different and if you do not feel confident, then don’t do it.

Thank you for the quick reply.

Ik think I almost know how to do it.
I noticed that the motiondetector opens the relay for 5 seconds, after he noticed a motion. Is het a problem for the velbus module to receive a pulse of 5 seconds and more?
And can he starts a timer from an output module after the pulse is closed? Thanks for the reply.

This is not a problem.