Moving from x10 to velbus, some newbie advice needed

velbus products are amazing, just go for it.

i ll come back and try to give you some advice.

no mattter your architecture Velbus accept it: even a ring architecture, wich is impossible in other protocols…

if all your switches are potential free ( dry normal open contacts) and are located in your fusebox then you can use the 6 input modules. for switching on and off your lights you can use the 4 relay modules. for dimming you have to see if your loads are resistive or inductive and choose the right dimmers. for programming and so you need to have a usb or rs323 interface from velleman.

hope this will help you on the way.


the problem is that you can’t easily connect more then one switch to your module. i.e you want to command the lights in the hall and livingroom at your arrival at home. the whole idea of velbus is that you can use scenes with one switch ( one switch can command several relays in different relay modules). this is why i would use the 6 input module( use when you have long wiring). you would connect your switches to the inputmodule. then the inputmodule can be programmed to command your relaymodules. the inputmodule is wired to your relaymodule via the bus link ( canbus ) on the modules.


there is no problem to work like you intented to do. feel free to ask for help if you need it. i must say that i 've no experience with comfort.

Hello Eamon,

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the change. The higher speed bus and guaranteed message delivery make things much nicer than X10. I’m currently working on a small project to bridge between the two systems to allow for a bit of backward compatibility, if you’re interested I can let you know when (if!!) I get something working.

Hope your transition is going smoothly,


Regarding the cable, regular UTP will do the job in most cases.
As there are 8 conductors, you can use them ‘4x2’ to lower the impedance and to allow larger currents.

for the powersupply i use a dinrail powersupply ( output voltage = 12V) from Meanwell (DR60 12). You can use the 15V 4amp powersupply from Meanwell (DR 60 15). just wire 230 at the input and the velbus supplywire to the output of the powersupply.

yes. it’s easier to install and takes less space in your cabinet.