My Velbus journey

Stuart switched my tracks in his post above and I started to think I have VMB2BLE-20 installed :smiley:
Sorry for the confusion!

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Looks like the version of OH (4.1.2) I use doesn’t have handling of the newer Velbus modules included. 4.2.0 will have it, so I’ll (im)patiently wait.

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Which ones are you missing?

Daniel has added loads recently

You can try manually installing his latest JAR file.

(Remove the UI loaded Velbus binding beforehand)

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Where I can get the jar file? The one I generated dosen’t work as expected.

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For now only VMB2BLE-10 - I don’t have anything else online.

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This command will backup your configuration

openhab-cli backup


openhab-cli backup --full
if you want EVERYTHING including stuff that the default install takes care of

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Another tiny step: custom image uploaded to GPOD-2. I used VelbusLink running under Lutris on GNU/Llnux for the first time to do some actiual changes in the Velbus system. Delighted! :heart_eyes:

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A real load (roller shutter door) connected to one channel of VMB2LE-10. It’s great - much better than the original gate controller. I became fan of cable termination ferrules - they are fantastic, even for solid wire cable like 2x2x0.8 that I use for VElbus. They can prevent cutting the wire when accidentally over-tightening a screw terminal.

P.S. It’s a temporary location, so I’m not cutting the velbus cable to the required length. Also the box looks way too big, but I’ll be installing more velbus stuff there soon (a relay and RF receiver). The hole for velbus cable was made by professional electrician when the box was used in a differnt location. Looks ugly. I use cone drill, so “my” tube and cable gland entries are perfect :crazy_face:

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Ferrules are great. That is a #1 tip for anyone building with Velbus (and probably any other HA hardware).

I have converted several non-believers :slight_smile:

Also note the availability of dual-cable ferrules… two or three cables into one ferrule without exposing any cable conductors. I find these very handy.


I didn’t test it yet, but looks very promising to join 3 velbus cables:

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I’ve got three contact versions of those, I didn’t know you could get four contact ones.

Where did you find them?
(Link please)

This is the new Velbus / Phoenix solution

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That might be handy as well:

I might get a few and send them your way if you like.

The original velbus solution in good, but not for retrofitting in tight spaces…

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Thanks for the offer.

I don’t need any right now, but I’ll keep it in mind.

Tight spaces you say…

I’m wondering if Velbus will sell separately the jointing block that comes with the new VMBPIR-20

(The one of the right, the left one is the connector into the PIR / Glass panels)

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Just a teaser - I’m exploring QElectroTech to make professional level electric schematics. So far it works fine. I’m building up the Velbus parts library.

I can’t upload the pdf file and the parts library here, but if it looks interesting - drop me a private message. I’ll upload the Velbus library anyway to a public repository once I have some more parts ready.

That looks very impressive

I’ll have to check out that application.

If you can import Visio elements or YeD symbols, there are some on the

You have the spreadsheet for all modules, let me know if there are assets you need from that list.

Can we ask this open source software to host Velbus elements library?

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The VMB1RYS isn’t shown correctly.

External Input is across bus 0v and input, not input & Data High.

And the Finder meter requires a Neutral connection


Is “whatever voltage In to switched outputs”

You’ve got it as 240V (mains voltage) in & 24v out

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You gave it much better check that I could expect! Thanks! I’m learning the software for now, but I forgot that someone could try to use the schematics - the look is much better that the design quality (for now).

I’ll set up gitlab repo with the parts. I’m not sure what’s the sroey with using Velbus text on the part. If there is a problem with that I’ll remove it. Would a disclaimer that all logos belong to their respective owners be sufficient?

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“All part of the service”

Very probably, but official confirmation would be nice

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For now: Files · main · Przemo Firszt / Velbus in QElectroTech · GitLab
If there is no green light - I’ll be making the repo private until we agree how to make it in line with the Velbus legal requirements.

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