My Velbus journey

I hope it’s not against the forum rules. If it is please remove the post…
I’ll be documenting my Velbus journey - maybe it will be useful for someone in the future.More technical stuff will be here on the forum, but the rest will be here: Velbus – Core Dump

I’m hoping to do all the hardware installation and programming myseff … using the forum wisdom obviously. I have the Velbus power supply and the Velbus USB gateway up and running. The rest in the box is RPI based OpenHAB + power supply. Ignore the cables - some will be replaced. Also the main incomer MCB and LV / ELV section separator will be installed soon.

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Today my first real device went on line - a voltage output relay to control a pump. After some initial problems with TLS option (switched on by default, not needed for velserv) everything work smoothly. I can switch on the pump from a velbus controller or (after openHAB configuration) switch or monitor the pump from any web enabled device.


Due to time constraint I decided to temporarily use openHAB to control the pump. schedule As soon as I have a sustainable source of electricity it’ll be switched to “surplus energy mode” controlled entirely by velbus. So currently openHAB scheduler tells velbus to switch on/off the pump. Works like magic!

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You know the input modules have timers on board???

But, you do it however you want.

That’s the real joy of Velbus

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Ignorance is bliss. OK, I’ll dig into VelbusLink tomorrow. It doesn’t run stable on linux/lutris, so i have to do it on a windows laptop…

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Another day, another velbus family device :heart_eyes: The input module is not yet connected (no velbus power, no signal), but it will be soon. The Finder meter has ton of options - I’m delighted to see the phase voltage. I’m having once in a while brown-outs (or i think so), so it should be very easy to check now.
P.S. I just realised my electrician is ignoring cable colours (all blacks, but he is not a Maori)

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