Need VELBUS configuration map software

with a large number of relays, dimmers and panels it is not easy (nearly impossible) to debug the assignment of buttons to actions, therefore I’m wondering if someone has developed a software to extract all the device memory data and put this in a workable format (eg plain text to use in Excel or so).
The problem is that this is not workable with the Velbuslink software because one need to open one-by-one each and every device and take manual notes of the states … simply mission impossible.
With Excel one could very easily sort, filter and group.

The new (drastically improved) version of VelbusLink that will be released soon will solve this issue. When selecting a button you will immediately see all actions associated with that button and you will be able to add, edit or remove an action to that button.

You will also be able to create actions through drag & drop, dragging a button to a relay and choosing a toggle function for example.

We would also like to add all on / all off functionality and cloning of actions from one module to the other. But this will probably not be included in the first release.

I’ve one item at the moment on my wish list. Is it possible to have a default connection mode. In ex. when last used connection mode was a network connection to a specific ip addres (and port), that the next time it will use the same connection mode (or configurable as default connection mode).
The reason I ask this is that I always connect thrue network.

I’ll make it remember the last used IP address so you don’t have to enter it again next time you connect, this will probably solve your problem?

The current connection dialog in the development version looks like this:

Always using a default connection is a bit difficult since you would need a way to disable it afterwards. The new version also supports working offline on a project (adding/removing modules, configuring, …), and then synchronizing changes afterwards.

Some early previews :wink:

Project interface:

Configuring actions:

Configuration interface (no more dialog screens)

That would be a great improvement to me.
Looking foreward to use the newer version of velbuslink, looks like the reverse configuration tool can come in handy.

Will there be back a pakket monitor like in the first versions? At this time I use my own soft + the soft of an Italian magazine (in cmbination with an ip to virtual comort gateway) to monitor/analize them.

The packet monitor is on the Debug tab :wink:

When I see these screenshots of the new VelbusLink it seems to be a big improvement. Congratulations!!
I hope it will be released very soon.

New features of the upcoming VelbusLink:

  • Connecting through TCP/IP, USB or RS232
  • Printing of reports
  • Working offline as well as online
  • Adding ‘All on’ / ‘All off’ functionality with just one mouse click
  • Support for the new VMB4RYLD and VMB4RYNO modules
  • Reverse configuration (“what does this button do?”)
  • Copying of configurations between channels (copy the function of one button into another)
  • Detecting of channels (buttons, relays, …) during configuration
  • New configuration interface with drag & drop support
  • Automatic synchronization of changes
  • Packet monitor + packet creator
  • Project information (project name, comments, phone number, …)
  • Integrated user guide (under development)

Development ended today, after testing it will be released!

The new Velbuslink looks fingerlick’n good!
Can’t wait to try it out.

Couple of questions:
Will the TCP/IP port default to 3788 (in v7.1.0.776 it defaults to 3789…)?
Will it be able to function in server mode like V6? If so, is the “Asynchronious socket error” fixed when losing connection without disconnecting?

The port will default to 8445 because of the HomeCenter software which listens on port 8445. A server mode is not included also because HomeCenter is a Velbus server and VelbusLink is now just a client.

Looking forward to all these new features. Thanks for listening to what people are asking for here on the forum!
Now only create a lightweight socket sever tool and you guys made my day/year! :wink: