.NET library problems


After starting to tinker with the provided .NET library, I’m beginning to encounter some problems. For instance, sometimes the library will start to send the same message repeatedly (100%CPU) to the calling software, and not accept any more commands. When this happens there are no flashing LEDs on the RS232 interface board so I don’t think it’s a problem with this board or a rogue module on the bus, because the activity lights would then blink.

Is anyone aware of any outstanding issues with the library (especially threading problems!)?

I’m not having much luck with this system - first I get a dodgy interface board, now this… :slight_smile:


It’s open source so you’re free to alter the library or write your own, bugs are always possible with any software.

To the calling software? You mean you’re getting the OnPacketSent or OnPacketReceived event repeatedly?