New with velbus

Hi all

I’m new with Velbus and I would need some help…

I want to turn on/off 2 lights with one button…

short touch on button 2: turn on light 1
long touch on button 2: turn on light 2

how can I program another step on button 2 to turn the lights off?



Hi Sven

Welcome to the wonderful world of Velbus.

There are many different ways is achieving this, so please don’t just accept one answer :wink:

If it were me…

I would simply set your actions to a kind of Toggle.

In this case, a start / stop timer using the short and long time-out settings.


Press on Button = Start / Stop timer light 1, short press (set your timeout) , Long Press = no action

Press on Button = Start / Stop timer light 2, short press = no action, Long Press (set your timeout)

Does that make sense?

There are plenty of other ways you can explore.

Including changing the mode of the button to become a dual function button for example.

Good luck,


thanks for the quick reply

maybe i should give a bit more information:

the lights will be used frequently and when they’re switched on, they will be on during a longer period (a timer is not an option)

toggling seems ‘waste of energy’ because when i would shutt off light 1 i firstly turn on light 2


Have you looked closely at the start / stop timer options before you discard them? :wink:

Please give it a go and road test it :wink:

I’ll happily keep helping you.

Good luck,


This works:
set button 2 to dual mode, with long press activating eg. button 8. (More info on dual mode in the Velbus Installation guide Part 2, free download on > sidebar to the right.)

Then create following 2 actions:
Button 2 does an on/off (toggle) on relay 1.
Button 8 does an on/off (toggle) on relay 2.

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This is something i’ve done

but in this case i’ve to push 2 time’s the button to turn the lights off… and i just want to push one time…

i’ll take a closer look to the timers


can you give some more information about this solution?

Ok, I didn’t get what you wanted exactly.

So what you want is probably this:
set button 2 to dual mode, with long press activating eg. button 8.

Then create following 4 actions:
Button 2 -> relay 1: on/off (toggle)
Button 8 -> relay 2: on/off (toggle)
Relay 2 -> virtual relay: action 17, start timer when initiator opens
Virtual relay -> relay 1: action 2, off.

If the lights are on, one long press will turn them both off.

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