Niko Hydro connetion


I’m trying to make an electrical plan for my basement and garage, and i’d like to work with Niko Hydro push buttons for the lighting.
Which module do i use best? VMB8PBU or VMB7in?

Can i program these push buttons like this;
1 push; light goes on for five minutes?
2nd push; light goes out? even if these five minutes haven’t finished yet?



The best Velbus module for Niko Hydro is VMB2PBN (blue LEDs) or VMB2PBAN (amber LEDs). (If you don’t need the LEDs, just cut them off). Alternatively you can also use the VMB8PBU universal push button module.

The VMB7IN is designed for those cases where you need long connection wires between the device and the Velbus module (for instance an external light sensor). So I don’t think that’s the appropriate solution for your case.

The programming you want is very easy to make. Once you become a bit familiar with the Velbus system, you’ll configure this in no time.

Thx for your answer.
It was a bit confusing to me if these push button modules VMB2PBAN and VMB2PBN could be used for the hydro push buttons of Niko.
Because on the Velbus website they only talk about the indoor Niko push buttons.

But anyway. Thx!