No connection between Openhabian 2.2.0-1 + Pi 3B and Velbus system

Hi everbody,

I have installed Openhabian on a Pi 3B and the server is working fine between a Sonos speaker. I activated the Velbus addon in Openhab + the Eclipse IoT Market but so far no connection could be made between the Velbus modules and the Pi’s USB.

When I read out the ‘Openhab.log’ I found :

[WARN ] [ace.internal.BindingExtensionHandler] - Installed bundle, but failed to start it: Could not resolve module: org.openhab.binding.velbus [213] Unresolved requirement: Import-Package: javax.measure.quantity

In document (see link : I found “The Velbus bridge cannot be discovered automatically. It has to be added manually by defining the serial port of the Velbus Configuration module.”. How can I define the serial port of this Config module?

In several topics I read that the connection was succesfully tested by using a VMB1USB. I’m using a VMBRSUSB. Did anyone test Openhab with the VMBRSUSB module? Hard to believe this should be my problem…

Did I overlooked something? Or any idea what could be wrong?

Thank you for your help and sharing your experience!!!


I have written my own solution to integrate Velbus with OpenHAB since my java knowledge was not good enough to start a native OpenHAB binding.
This was a few years ago.

I discovered this new binding a few days ago but I still have to try to install it.

So give me a few days and maybe I can help you.

For your error, my guess is that the developer of the package forget to include the dependency for javax.measure.quantity.
You should contact the developer of the binding and report this error.


Thanks Stef for your help. Most appreciating this!!!
Will keep my eye on this forum…

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I just tried it myself.

The binding needs OpenHAB 2.3 and that’s not officially released yet.


Thanks for your update Stef. The binding you found is that the org.openhab.binding.velbus-2.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar?

I’m working with the latest Openhabian setup (vrs.:2.2.0-1). So the included Velbus binding in this setup is not the right one? Looked to upgrade to Openhab 2.3 via SSH ‘sudo openhabian-config’ ->Upgrade to the unstable 2.3 version.I didn’t find this Upgrade option via the upgrade menu. I didn’t try it manually…

To connect Velbus with a Pi the VMBRSUSB should do the job, right ?

So is there a chance the new found binding works with the current Openhab 2.2?

Bedankt !!


I’m not totally sure how I’ve managed it, but I’ve got most of a Velbus installation working with that binding, as well as extending it to Google Assistant for voice control on an ODroid UX4 32 bit SBC.

I was advised to use the Snapshot version of OpenHab2.

I have had a weird issue where I’ve needed to force a reinstall of a serial connection.

As well as having to assign the openhab user to the Linux Dialout group (using Ubuntu 16) in order for it work with either a VMB1USB or a VMBRSUSB.
(They share the same device profile in Linux, Windows and Unix (Mac))

So have faith, it’s worth the effort.

Good luck

Hi Stuart,

Excellent reply. Will try to install the Snapshot version of Openhab. Is this the 2.2 or 2.3 you’re referring to?
I’m new to this so I will have to work me in this subject. So bear with me in the meantime :wink:

Thanks for sharing your information!


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Hi all,

in the meantime upgraded to Openhab 2.3 Snapshot (via sudo openhabian-config), restarted, set the binding in Openhab and yes got it working!!! I’m very glad I’m able to set up the communication!!! So up to the next step :wink:

So Stuart and Stef, a big thanks to help me with this puzzle!!!


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That’s great news.

I found that creating layouts with Habpanel was fairly easy.

I know people talk about creating panels for the basic UI, but that just looks like a complicated markup language to me.

My tip with Habpanel is to save and restore configurations to the server, rather than store them locally on each device.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks Stuart. Yeah I think this is the best option.

Have a

great WE :wink: . Thanks for your help!

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