Node Red integration


I have created a Vellbus integration with Node Red, a visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things and connecting hundreds of IOT devices.

You can find my project called node-red-contrib-velbus here or simply install it in your Node-red setup by searching for ‘Velbus’ in the “Manage Pallete”
install section.

It’t still early days, but the most important nodes are working.

Now I can finally talk to my Velbus modules using Google Home (using Nora, the wonderfull integration by Andrei Tatar!
I can also switch on/off my Hue lights using existing Velbus Buttons, which is really convenient.

For now, I only have support for VMB4PB and VMB8PB (button modules), but that should be easily extended to other modules.

To send basic comands to (unexisting) modules, I also made a “Raw Bytes” node. Here you can send whatever raw Velbus packet. I’m using it to synchronise the time to all modules any week.

A few rough edges still need to be smoothed, so I hope to do quite a few updates in the next weeks and months.

Please tell me about your findings, request and issues. Happy to help!



Hey Gert,

is there a reason why you want to communicate directly to velbus instead of using for ex openhab to do the trick?


Hi Gert,

the NodeRed project seems very intuitive and permits lot of interaction. I’m trying to use Raspberry PI to convert my old solution (under WinXP) to a new solution, able to evolve.
I was thinking about Java, Python, C++… never think NodeJS was available to do that… and more, NodeRed.

Could you give me some advertisement to do this conversion ?

  • did you create a server mode ?
  • is the service online or local ?
  • etc. (too much questions in fact)…

Thanks a lot,


@jeroends I feel openhab is too much linked with a cloud service to create architecture, maybe Gert is (as me) wanting a completly controlled solution ?




The connection to a cloud for openHAB2 is completely voluntary, just to enable remote access.

The actual openHAB2 instance is run locally :slight_smile:

Sometimes I tunnel in via a SSH session instead.

It’s also interesting to know that if it connect via the cloud service, you can’t delete anything. (This confused me for a while)

I’m really curious to see what can be done purely with Node-Red.


Hi @MDAR :slight_smile:
I’m very interested by NodeRed, but that’s mainly because I’ve learned NodeJS programing !
The other goal is vocal commands, Gert seems to have solved it…

But like you, I’m very curious about NodeRed and it graphical interface for programing IoT (and then Velbus too). :slight_smile:


@Golfy when you want to use voice controlled commands like for example google home, there is also a cloud connection needed. You can’t use google home without using the web. That why I was wondering if using node red (which is also included in openhab to create coplex functions) isn’t it making it to complex while controlling velbus with google home can be very (very!) simple.
For example, when creating scenes it is nice to adjust them dynamicly. example: .
For myself I’ve used a nodered and velbus combination to control wireless somfy screens while emulating vmb2ble, not perfect yet, but working ok.