Normal On, Delayed Off

I have a light on the outside of my garage, about 15m away from the house.

I would like a switch to be able to control it: a short press turns it on and another short press gives it a delayed off (say 15 seconds).

Is this possible ?

NB: I have been able to simulate something close (using a VMBGPO and a VMBRYNO) by binding button 1 (physical) to the output to toggle (103) for a short press, and then setting that button into dual mode and binding it to virtual button 8 so it operates on a long press. The virtual button then triggers a “delayed off, only when subject is on (505) action”

This slightly non intuitive as the user has to know to do a long press.

set the button to multi-mode - effectively giving you a stepping stone mode…

CH1 = ON
CH2 = Delayed Off - 15 seconds

because you only set 2 steps, effectively you get what you want… you could also add a 3rd to switch off immediately…


@VelbusStaff - the default is CH2, CH3, CH4 etc for the next steps… but I cannot say, CH1->CH5 in a 2 step process… you can also not assign CH2 to CH3 or further… effectively rendering a physical button useles with these configurations… or is there another way to just go from CH1 to CH5 in a 2 step multi-mode ? or reassign the other SINGLE item channels to CH5, CH6, Ch7 etc…?

For now, you could use a virtual relay with a TOGGLE from the physical button… effectively switching ON and OFF the virtual relay…

then… from the virtual relay to the actual lamp, you set action: 0504 (on when initiator closes, delayed off when initiator opens)

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The channels in use do have to be consecutive.

Nothing stopping physical button being mapped to virtual buttons 7&8 for example.

how do you map them to other channels ?

You could do it with the 0505, delayed off only when subject is on. But the question is, how can you toggle it back on with the same button…

Thats why you put a virtual relay in between… the relay will be on/off (continuously) - and therefore 0504 works - as the light is now dependent on a 'closed" relay for ON… and delayed off when the relay goes off (open)


And how to connect the virtual relay to button X? Or how do the system knows when you “click” on the virtual button?

you add a “toggle” action from your button channel to the virtual relay… then it goes on/off based on a click


This is a Single button panel

It’s possible to map the physical button to anything

all the multimode needs is that they are consecutive

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Thanks for the multitude of responses. I will work my way through some of these tomorrow.
Or explain to my client (aka my wife) that you will need to do a long press when exiting the garage to keep the light on why traversing the path.

I like that. The switch mounted feedback LED turns off as soon as the button is toggled (driven by the virtual relay) rather than flashing (the LED on the DIN rail relay is flashing though).

However I think we can live with this small inconsistency.

P.S. is there anyway to use 135 - Monitor status, to drive the desired feedback behaviour ?

Answering my own question - I have now set the Feedback Mode for the switch to be “Monitoring” and then set an action from the physical relay output back to the switch. This keeps the LED on while the relay (lamp) is on, turning the LED off when the relay releases. I would prefer the LED to flash to indicate the timer but it is close enough.

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The dual mode button solution will give you the LED feedback you want