Obscuring VMBPIRC detection area


I was asked by a client over the weekend if it were possible to alter the detection area of a ceiling PIR in software.

Obviously it’s not, so we got talking about what other options there are.

We eventually settled on the fact that it’s really a case of shuttering the PIR from the required Blind spot.

As an initial idea, I’ve created this shuttering ring, that can be fitted behind the PIR and rotated round to suit.

It’s a work in progress and will need some adaption to get the results he wants, but as a first draft I thought I’d share it here in case anyone wants to give it a try or has some better suggestions.

Download the STL file here - http://www.mdar.co.uk/dl/forum_assets/VMBPIRC_Shutter.stl

50 minutes later, this is what it looks like on a VMBPIRC


This morning he asked if it were possible to mount a PIR into something like a downlight Par16 / GU10 frame…

So how about this ???

I like these idea’s ALOT !
the shielding is quite epic even !

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If you don’t have your own or access to a 3D printer, I don’t mind posting you a few.

Don’t need any atm, dont have a printer either.
I just really like the problem solving mentallity :star_struck:

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