One message to how many modules (blind)?

I’ve some problems with blinds and any help is welcome.

I would to control 11 blinds (Bubendorff) and 2 blinds (Velux 24v as cabled on Velbus example).
I’ve programmed a VMB4PD button (push button 8) for toggle blinds : 7:30 and 19:00. At these hours, there are nobody in the house (plane to live in it in March, so testing and configuring now :wink: )

Sometime, one blind become inversed (not always the same) : have someone else met this problem :question:

and another problem is Velux : as there are on same power supply, maybe there is not enough power to blind 2 Velux in same time… as someone the same configuration :question:
is there a way to delay a blind channel for 2 seconds :question:


Do you have them all parrallel then there’s your problem? (First I had the same prob :wink:)
Reason: the fastest motor wich is at it’s end will be driven by the other motor wich is still running and will fedd it with it’s start capacitor in the other direction. Just until the motor comes from it’s end, from there on the motor wil be going the same direction again, again to the end and so on and so on (not good for your motors!!).

Solotion: put relais by every blind to prevent it. There are special relais sold for this problem and will fit in the case of the blinds (don’ tknow if I may mention them here)

If yo know a bit of electricity, search the net for a schematic (I was a bit to lazy to draw one out to let you see what happens).