Onewire schema


What are the various symbols to use, to represent velbus components for the onewire schema (schema to give to the external auditor that will approve your electrical installation) ?

By the way, does someone have some pictures of its beautiful installation, to post :smiley: ?

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Hereby an example:

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can you tell me how much push-button modules and buttons themselves are used in this 1-wire schematic ?
I’m trying to figure out how much modules will be needed to wire my complete house.
The highest D-number is 39; so I assume there will be 7 6channel input modules, unless you can also use the inputs on the relais modules to switch other modules.
How many VMB4PD modules are used in this schematic ?

VMB4PD is not represented on the schema. As far as I understand, you could even decide to not use VMB4PD. However, it is good to have at least 1 in order to do some programming like having the lights on, every monday at 6 o clock, presence simulation,…
The circle on the schema connected to the relay, represents the push button. It can be what ever you which (a button defined on the VMB4PD, a push button connected on VMB6IN, a push button connected on a VMB8PB). You could even connect a “NIKO 6 buttons”, to a VMB8PB (see post about VMB8PB wall switch viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1372), to drive 6 independent lights. So the “Niko 6 buttons” here, count for 1 place in your wall.
Remark: I would use the VMB6IN for IR detector, for example.