Openhab doesn't receive status updates from Velbus

Hi, first some background information. I have been using Openhab and Velbus since last year. I have a Raspberry PI that is running Velserv. And a separate desktop that ran Openhab. Everything worked as it should and got it installed with help of other trouble shooting posts on this forum and the forum of Openhab, thanks for that :smile:
But now I bought a new Raspberry PI and installed Openhab on it. The first Difference was that after manually adding the Network bridge thing. The other things weren’t automatically discovered by PaperUI. I then decided that I would write everything in a things file, for backup purposes. In paperUI all those things show the status Online. And I can send commands from Openhab to everything on Velbus, but when a state is changed by Velbus itself that status is not updated in Openhab. For instance the temperature just returns NaN, the level off the blinds is either 0 or 100, I have rules that look if the motion sensors see movement but they are never triggered.
Rules that are triggered by the astro binding do run, the blinds are opened by this rule. They are set to 40%, then in openhab I do see 40% until I change them manually from openhab.
I used the latest release of Openhabian. And used the binding that was available in PaperUI, which is version 2.5.9. I have already tried to uninstall it, clear the cache and reinstall. I don’t see any errors in the log (by running “log:tail” in the karaf console)

I hope someone has any ideas or can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!

There’s your problem.

There is a bug in that version that is blocking incoming traffic from the Network Bridge.

Either roll back or use the next version, which can be found here

Or find any of the latest versions in the parent folder

Okay thanks for the info. I thought I missed something in the installation.
Is there any page that sums up known issues?

There is always Cédric’s GitHub page.

As far as I know, the only major issue that is causing a headache is the whole Velbus Alarm time groups.

For some strange reason these swap between Global & Local modes.

The alarm times work perfectly, it’s only an issue if you absolutely must have input modules in Global or Local mode.

(Global = Member of alarm group.
Local = Not a member of alarm group and functions independently)

In my experience, I would advise against adding Things in text files, as the configuration can get very complex.

However, adding Items in text files is the method I would recommend, as it’s much easier to change associations and Metadata (as I’m sure you’re more than aware)

The command

openhab-cli backup --full

Will capture everything you need into a nice neat Zip file.

I’ve removed the things file and updated to version 2.5.10. Discovery of the things was working now and I can see temperatures. Thanks for the help!

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